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941 Form Changes for 2011

If you need the 2011 941 form for Payroll, download it here.

This update is compatible with the following versions of Sage ERP MAS90/200:

  • – (already included with
  • – (already included with
  • 4.20

Prior to performing Payroll period-end processing and Quarterly 941 Printing, the following steps are required:

1. Complete all payroll entries and update.

2 .Using Windows Explorer, browse to ..\MAS90\Reports\.

3. Rename the following files in the ..\###-###\ and ..\###-xxx\ folders (where xxx = company code):

a. PR941A.rpt (example: PR941A.rpt.2010 rpt)

b. PR941P.rpt4. Install the 2011 Payroll Update.exe.

This enhancement is included in versions and

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