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Archive for August, 2011

MAS90/200 Tip: How to Void a Check

Have you ever needed to void a check in MAS90/200, but weren’t sure how to go about it? Have you tried to void a check but received unexpected results? Let me unveil the mystery of how to void a check in MAS90/200.

First, it is important to understand that MAS90/200 has its own terminology for voiding checks, and it may be a little different than what you have been used to. I will give you some definitions.

VOID check:  To mark a check number as void.

REVERSE check:  To put money back in the checking account, and either bring back the vendor payable, or simply reduce the expense or offset account.

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MAS90/200 Tip: Missing Checks – Beware!

Did you know that it is possible to print a check in MAS90/200, and then make it disappear without leaving a trace? It’s an opportunity for someone to steal money from the company. What can you do about it? Contact me and I will tell you how it can happen, and what may be done to prevent it.

Further, accounting activities should be segregated to minimize the risk of embezzlement.

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MAS90/200 Tip: How to Change the Default Search Operator

(Or, I don’t want “Begins with”, I want “Contains”)

In any MAS90/200 window where you can get a list of data, for instance, inventory items, the normal default Search option at the bottom of the list defaults to “<primary field> begins with”. Many users find it easier and more convenient to switch the default search to something other than the primary field, and also to make the default operator be “contains”.

As an example, if you get a list of inventory items, and most of the time you know some part of the description of the item that you are looking for, you may customize your system to always Search “<Description> Contains”.

This is how the default window looks:

ItemList6 300x227 | MAS90/200 Tip:  How to Change the Default Search Operator









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