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Sage ERP MAS Business Intelligence Experts!

Over the last year we have spent a lot of time with Sage ERP MAS Business Intelligence. Its a very useful tool that you should consider if the following are issues at your company:

  • Difficult and time consuming to obtain real-time, comprehensive, trustworthy business insight that assists with making intelligent business decisions from static reporting.
  • Difficult and time consuming to creating specialized reports to collaborate with stakeholders, managers, auditors, or to obtain financing.
  • Difficult to get consistent access to high-level summarized information across all business units in a single meaningful report.
  • Demands for unique reports to meet current business requirements cannot be met and take too much time, causing bottlenecks in IT and frustration among users.
  • Report customizations are expensive to implement and maintain
  • Month- and year-end processes are time consuming as data is manually manipulated and often inaccurate.
  • Getting a real-time view of the organization’s financial status is difficult to achieve.

Business Intelligence is a very critical component to the success of a business. Sage ERP MAS Intelligence allows people at all levels of an organization to access, interact with, and analyze data to manage the business, improve performance, discover opportunities, and operate efficiently.

You can read more about it on our Sage ERP MAS Business Intelligence page. Don’t forget to check out the PDF product documentation downloads while you are there.


Welcome to the new Micro Business Systems website!

Welcome to our website, and thank you for visiting.

If you visited our website prior to June 2011, you’ve noticed a big change. We used to have a lot of information posted about the products we support, and not much else. That was really helpful to anyone who knew exactly what “product” they were looking for. Well, in our line of work, people don’t go shopping for “products” unless they want to waste a lot of time and money.  Most people search the web for answers to their problems. I know I do. Sometimes I need to know how to do something with what I already have, like get the ball-point ink out of my husband’s shirt. And sometimes I’m looking for a system to solve or prevent a problem, like an emergency notification service for my mother who lives by herself.  In the latter case, I know I’ll need to buy a service, but I don’t know which one, and I’m not educated in this area, so I hope to find a person who can give me the straight scoop on what’s available.

So keeping in mind a principle that is dear to me, “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, we have completely changed the focus of our website to help you find answers. We’re still going to have information about products.  But we will talk more about issues and solutions. We will explore issues of business management, government compliance, technical problems, and daily operations, all with a primary objective of providing an answer or solution. This is how we work every day with the clients we serve, and our website is finally coming in line with our business practice.

I am passionate about my business, which I view as a vehicle to help improve the quality of the lives of people, and by extension, their businesses. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for being here.