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MAS90/200 Tip: Missing Checks – Beware!

Did you know that it is possible to print a check in MAS90/200, and then make it disappear without leaving a trace? It’s an opportunity for someone to steal money from the company. What can you do about it? Contact me and I will tell you how it can happen, and what may be done to prevent it.

Further, accounting activities should be segregated to minimize the risk of embezzlement. For instance, you should never have the person who prints checks also do the bank reconciliation. I highly recommend that the owner, in the case of a small business, perform the bank reconciliation. In the case of a larger business, it should be done by a high-level manager, with full review of supporting documentation by at least one other person.

There are many ways to steal money, and I’ve seen some pretty creative methods over the years. No system is theft-proof. But it is possible to take reasonable precautions to discourage these kinds of attempts. By the way, in each case that I’ve seen, the culprit was always caught and punished. However, money gone is gone, and can hardly ever be recovered. So protect your business by putting good systems and business practices in place. Let me know if you need help.


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