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MAS90/200 Tip: Modifying MAS90 Forms

This tip will potentially save you from heartache. MAS90/200 version 4 modules that have forms to print, default to a Form Code called “STANDARD”. As of version 4.30, these modules are AR, AP, SO, and RMA. Examples of forms are Accounts Payable Checks and Sales Order Invoices.

If Crystal is installed on your PC, and you have permissions within MAS that allow you to modify the forms, you could modify the STANDARD form. For instance, you can move the check number, date, and amount to line up better on your printed checks.

Wait! Don’t modify STANDARD! Upgrades overwrite the STANDARD forms, and you will loose your modifications. Instead, simply create a new Form Code by typing a new code in the Form Code field, select a template from the pop-up list, and then go ahead and make modifications through the Designer button.

graphic for Modifying Mas90 Forms 300x73 | MAS90/200 Tip:  Modifying MAS90 Forms

The first time a workstation accesses form printing, it will default to STANDARD. Be sure to select the new named form code. The workstation will default to the new one from then on.

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