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Sage Abra HRMS HR Software

Employee Management and Payroll System for Small to Medium Sized Organizations

Our most comprehensive Human Resources and payroll software, Sage Abra HRMS provides the functionality you need to tackle even the most challenging HR issues. This market-leading human resource management system (HRMS) offers payroll processing and recruiting, as well as training and benefits administration – all at an affordable price.

No matter your organization’s size or focus, and no matter how long you’ve been in business, chances are you have employee management challenges. Optimal workforce management can solve many problems—for the human resources director, executive officers, IT manager, and everyone in-between. When Sage Abra solutions are put in place, you’ll have tighter controls over HR and payroll management. These benefits filter down to other functional areas of your business, so everyone from the top down can make better decisions, be more efficient, and work smarter. And this opens the door to greater profits.

Deliver outstanding Human Resource Support to Grow the Bottom Line

Sage Abra HRMS and payroll solutions offer small to medium-sized organizations the tools needed to excel at employee management. Elevate the level of service your HR department provides to your organization with easy-to-use software that helps you deliver crucial process and decision support to management. Sage Abra solutions enable you to provide your organization with outstanding service that helps increase employee motivation and retention. They also allow you to improve organizational efficiency by automating employee-related procedures and help you to positively impact the bottom line by delivering crucial employee analytics to support decision-making.

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