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Saving Time and Money

I want to be completely honest – when Micro Business Systems suggested that we switch to the Paperless Office System, I was nervous. I’m a hands-on person, and I like to be able to riffle through our files as I research questions. It’s second nature for me to grab a stack of paper and pull out the exact sheet that I need, almost without looking. The idea of simply not having paper files concerned me. I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find important information easily anymore. Frankly, I was expecting the worst.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Not only have I found that locating important information is easier since we’ve gone paperless, I’ve also been amazed by how much money and time we’re saving. Searching for documents is a snap – I can just enter a date or other information and it brings up what I’m looking for even faster than I could by hand. Furthermore, I never thought about the amount of time it actually takes to file a document, until I didn’t need to anymore. In fact, I’ve discovered just how big my office is, now that I don’t have to store all those documents in cabinets – what used to be the biggest feature of my office is now all on a little disk.

It’s true that I need to find a new form of exercise, since I don’t have to file anymore, but I don’t mind at all. I can use that time to calculate all the money we’re saving now that we don’t have constant paper, data binders, and storage space costs to manage. It cuts down on travel costs, too: our retired controller used to fly in from Oregon to close out the books at the end of each month, but now he can do so without leaving home.

Karen O’Lane has been with me every step of the way during our transition to paperless – she’s my little life saver, always getting me answers to my questions right away. I don’t know who I would call if I couldn’t rely on her patient expertise. Karen is a big part of why this nervous bookkeeper is now a very loud cheerleader for the Paperless Office System.

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