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What To Expect

Before we work together we believe it is not only reasonable but important to communicate clearly what you can expect from us. We’ve been in business for many years and we have designed our process to ensure you get the business outcomes to improve your business. Here’s how it works:

  • We have a preliminary meeting to understand better your business and what you are trying to accomplish. We answer questions you have about our service as well as discuss what budget you have set aside and any internal constraints or considerations.
  • We make an initial determination of whether we believe we can help you or not. If not, we will tell you so and guide you to find the resources that can. It is not our goal to sell you something you do not need or which will not have a business ROI for your company.
  • If we think we can help you, we will suggest a customized needs analysis, which includes:
    • Survey of current software and hardware.
    • Interviews with key personnel.
    • We look for process efficiency opportunities.
    • We look at your current software and how it is deployed.
    • We check the level of training of your users.
    • We check the network for age, speed, compliance.
  • At the conclusion of the needs analysis we will discuss with you our findings and  recommend in writing a series of steps that may include:
    • Completed System Review Document
    • Feasibility Analysis
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • Business Process Diagram
  • You will then decide if you want to proceed with our recommendations or a subset at which point we will submit a formal proposal.
  • We work with different types of clients, all of whom have different business needs.
    • Companies that have Sage MAS 90 /200 but are having difficulties using it to its full potential. Perhaps they can’t get the reports they want or it is being used inefficiently.
    • Other companies we work with have had technical troubles with the software. For whatever reason, they are not getting the support they need in a timely fashion which can result in missed deadlines and added expense – not to mention frustration with the software.
    • We also have companies who come to us because have not been able to properly integrate the software into their company with the result that there are still too many manual processes.  This costs time and money.
  • We review our work with you on a regular basis and we pride ourselves on clear communication to avoid surprises.
  • We will always treat you and your staff as valued clients.
  • We will be proactive and helpful as much as we can.
  • We hope for a long-term relationship with you and your company but only at the level you need.